Lifestyle Evaluation

Body Life Direct uses the Reams Theory of Evaluation Method (RBTI) which is used to evaluate a client’s lifestyle profile. We review the results and suggest lifestyle modifications for you, giving you energy to keep up with even the littlest one in your life.

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Evaluation Programs

Body Life Direct is pleased to provide  Evaluation Programs for individuals, families, health professionals and  health food stores. There’s a plan perfect for you, your budget and your needs. Let us help you get started on a path to health today!

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Health Info

Our website is full of health related information that you won’t want to miss. We invite you to browse our free library of materials.  Education is key to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. We want you to be the best that you can be! HOW

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Meet the Biochemist

Donald-Gene Kraus was born and raised in Michigan and received his college Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Biochemistry in 1965 at LeTourneau University in Longview Texas, and furthered his education at Arizona State University. He did Government Research at Uni-Dynamics...

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